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Selcome to, the online gallery of historical paintings from Southeast Asia.

Unless otherwise indicated, the paintings displayed on this website form part of a private collection, acquired over the past several decades.

Where are we located? Phnom Penh, Cambodia, long a crossroads for Southeast Asian culture and commerce. If you're in the region, please feel free to contact us .

What's for sale on this website? Absolutely nothing. Our intention is to serve as an archive and scholarly reference.

Great thanks to Mr. Min Wae Aung, New Treasure Gallery (Yangon) for kind permission to include a selection of paintings from his private collection.

Attributed quotes derived from a variety of sources.

To the late Professor Douglas Pike, thanks for encouragement and "compliments".

"Were it not for art's sake, even if you pave the road with money, I'd trample on it. But to serve art, I'd glean any penny for subsistence."
Painter Nguyen Sang (1923 - 1988)